You can master the art of making crispy and tasty pizza with the help of rectangular pizza stone in an oven or grill. The way in which you use the stone is pretty simple. You can read the instructions on the product manual and follow the simple steps. The stone can be used to make any type of pizza with your desired fillings and topping. You can control the temperature at the center and the radius of the pizza within uniform level. Before you actually start using the rectangular pizza stone you need to be aware of its basic properties.

Thermarite Material of Rectangular Pizza Stone

Thermarite belongs to the class of cordierite material. It has a high temperature withstanding capacity and conducts heat uniformly throughout its structure. The heat retention characteristic of the material is quite high. You can expose it to a temperature of 2,000 degree (F) and its tensile strength can protect its integrity well.

  • When the temperature in the oven or the grill varies abruptly, the objects placed within them can be subject to thermal shock. This can cause fluctuation in the thermal conductivity of the material also. When this process happens over an extended time, the material could become brittle in nature. But Thermarite is one class of material which can endure abrupt fluctuations in temperature within short intervals of time. This makes it highly thermal shock proof in nature.
  • The heat transfer rate to all the corners of the rectangular pizza stone is said to be uniform. This helps the proper baking of pizza from the core. You don’t get to see any partially baked or over baked portions of the pizza at any point of time.
  • Heat retention property of the rectangular pizza stone allows you to use it consistently without giving a break. Now your birthday and Christmas parties at home can go on to an extended time while your gusts get to enjoy the same quality pizza.
  • Thermal protection property of the rectangular pizza stone enables safe baking experience on the grills. In some instances you may wish to cook the pizza using indirect heating method. Since you are placing the stone away from the source of heat, the probability of fall in temperature could be high in case of normal stones. But with the rectangular pizza stone you don’t need to have any sort of fear. The stone is able to retain the heat to a considerable period of time.
  • Moisture is said to be one of the biggest problems which can cause the pizza to go soft or improperly baked. The rectangular pizza stone is designed with micro pores at the top surface. They can extract and absorb the moisture from the internal parts of the pizza dough. This can help in getting the right volume of crispiness to the pizza.

Preheating the rectangular pizza stone at a temperature of 450 degree (F) for about 45 minutes could help in setting the ideal conditions for baking the best quality pizza in the oven.

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