IELTS is basically a certificate that is issued to the candidate in order to certify or to grade his or her English Skills. It is quite easy to score IELTS if you have been encountered with English Language, Mostly we all are taught inschool, College and even at our homes that enables us to be aware of English.Sir Shirazi`s Academy offers wide range of courses to enhance your English Language & Grammar Skills in order to score higher in IELTS because we believe ; if you have the best IELTS Trainer for IELTS preparation you will surely secure higher score in your IELTS exam.

IELTS is divided into four parts, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking that are usually compulsory when it comes to use any sort of Language. Instead of elaborating all the sections in one place, it is better to elaborate them individually as per their significance.

Starting with listening;it is one of the most common, easily done. Yet, the most bands scoring part in IELTS examination. You are basically given 40 questions that you have to answer by listening multiple recordings that is based on different kind of conversations and monologues. The only thing to concentrate here is its sequence, your mind should be active enough to pin point the right answer, sometimes the examiner deviate information just  to confuse but if know the trips and techniques of listening test so you can end up picking the right spot.

Coming towards speaking, it can be best described as aninterviewee in which you are encountered with general questions like what is your name, where you from and other personal questions. Its second part out of 3 is the most challenging one in which you will be given a task to speak nonstop for one to two minutes .topic can be related with people, places, objects or any events in this part your speaking skills could be easily judged, the last topic in part 3 will be linked to part 2 .or should I say elaborative continuationof previous part 2. In which you have to further face a question and answer session in the detail.

Moving towards writing; it is the second most challenging part because you have to keep lots of things in your mind  while writing your spellings , punctuation, grammar, sequence, relevance , vocabulary, strong with punching points and many more, to enhance your writing use of connecting words with proper sequence  is very essential to score good bands in your result. A candidate should have the basic knowledge of the format of essay, talking about a report he should be well aware of figures given in form of pie chart, graph or bar graph to jot down those figures into your paragraph. Another thing to keep in mind is the word limit that should not be exceeded from its limit rather for essay it should be 20 to 30 words less than the maximum limit and for report it should be 10 to 20 words less than the maximum limit.

Now comes towards reading in which focus is required. Presence of mind its usually the  best scoring part of IELTSdue to its taught passages and random sequence of answers to solve 40 questions in one hour the candidate should exactly know what paragraph contains what information by highlighting the key words in each time for better understanding. An individual may find questions like true false but use of key words can ease this differently by reading first 2 lines and the last two lines of the passage  — one can get clear hint that what information that passage contains. It is useless to read the whole passage again and again for the same questions. Rather, one should focuses on the possible key words so that his time may be saved to score high bands .its advisable to read more and more books, articles or any source of paragraph over any topic.

Well that s all from my side, hope that may be beneficial for you.

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