Why are children crying?

All children cry sometimes, which is very normal. Newborn babies cry for one to three hours a day.

Your child cannot do anything for himself. He depends on someone else to provide him food, warmth and comfort. Crying is the way in which the child expresses all these needs or one of them and makes sure that you respond to him. Read: Losing baby weight belly fat edition

Sometimes it is hard to tell that what your child is trying to say by crying. Is he/she hungry, cold, thirsty, or in need of incubation? If you are a new mother, you may get a little bit tired of your baby crying when you are not sure what he needs. You may worry that it is not okay.

But over time you will learn about your child’s different crying patterns and recognize his needs. As your child grows, his ability to learn new ways of communicating with you gradually increases. Child will improve his ability to communicate with the eyes, or the issuance of sounds, or even through the smile, so that his need to cry to attract attention.

Some children cry in specific times of the day, often in the early evening. If it is difficult to calm your child, he may try to say:

I’m hungry:

  Hunger is the most common cause of newborn crying.

Your baby’s small stomach cannot absorb a large amount of food. So if your baby cries, try giving him some milk. Your baby will give frequent infusions in the early days of birth to help stimulate milk production. If you are breastfeeding artificially, you may not feel hungry within two hours of your last feeding.

I need to change the nappy:

Your child may protest if his clothes are tight, or if he is uncomfortable with his wet or dirty diaper.

I feel superfluous or excess free:

Your baby may not need to change his diaper or the corset because he is not used to touching his skin air and would prefer to stay in his quilt, which is a warm gesture. You will soon learn how to change your nappy quickly if this is your child’s condition.

I’m tired and need a break:

It is easy to assume child sleep. But it is difficult for many children to sleep, especially if they are very tired. You will soon notice the signs of sleep that indicate your child is tiredness.

I need something that makes me feel better:

If you breastfeed your baby and make sure he is comfortable.

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